KWC students serve senior citizens

(Photo by Jenny Sevcik, Messenger-Inquirer)

Tina Adams, front left, and Helen Summers, front right, laugh while doing arm exercises using exercise bands Tuesday at Roosevelt House II.

The “Bingocise” class, which combines bingo and exercise, is led by Kentucky Wesleyan College students studying various health-related fields. Chris Owen, a 22 year-old fitness and sports management major from Evansville, front center, said the original exercise class started off slow.

When they decided to tie bingo into the exercise class the attendance, “took off,” he said, and “it’s been a blast.” Owen and three other students teach Bingocise once a week. They are led by Jason Crandall, a visiting assistant professor of Kinesiology and Health Promotion at KWC.

During the class a few letter and number combinations are called for the bingo game, followed by a few exercises lead by the KWC students. They repeat the cycle until someone gets a bingo.


From 14WFIE
KWC students helping seniors while in class
By Dave Kirk

Kentucky Wesleyan exercise science majors are getting some real life experience that's not just helping them.

One day a week for one hour, students go to the Roosevelt Home and give exercise classes to the residents.

Students want the senior citizens to be more active so they can have a better quality of life.

To get the seniors motivated, students have introduced bingo breaks into the class.

KWC student Ciaran Fairman says, "We see the struggles that they go through in life with their balance, and their confidence with walking is the really big factor. The exercise we do means so much to them."

The class is a part of the service learning program exercise science majors go through while at Wesleyan.

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