Two years in Uganda

Laura Leach ‘95 worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in Uganda for the past two years -- she just came back home to Owensboro at the end of May.

For about the last year, she has been sending updates to KWConnect (the official Kentucky Wesleyan College blog) about her experiences in Africa.

She recently sent a wrap-up post describing the experience in general -- it's a great way to get an overall sense of her time in Uganda. You can also read her story from the beginning all on one page (start at the bottom).

A couple quotes from her wrap-up that encapsulate the experience:

"Now I was going to see things clearer than I ever had before. That’s what happens when you spend two years in a foreign country and come home."


"I was greeted with enthusiasm, acceptance and joy almost every single day while I was in Uganda, and I wouldn’t trade that for the world."

It's good stuff and well-worth your time to read. And just maybe it'll make you wanna go scratch that travel itch. Enjoy!

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