Erin DeJarnette

erin dejarnette

Erin DeJarnette '10
Admissions Counselor
[email protected]
Office: 270-852-3128
Cell: 270-315-4559


My name is Erin DeJarnette, KWC ’10. I have a Bachelor of Science in biology. I’m a graduate of Hancock County High School.Upon graduation, I went to a public 4-yr university away from home and studied for two years. I soon realized I wanted to return home to finish my education. In choosing Kentucky Wesleyan College to finish my undergraduate career, I feel I made the right choice.

Now, not only do I have my degree from here, but I work here too! I enjoy being a part of the KWC community and being able to “give back” to such a supportive institution is very satisfying.

A few questions for Erin:

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: My favorite food would have to be potatoes. You can have them just about any way possible!

Q: If there were a movie made about your life, who would you want to play you?
A: In a movie about my life, I would probably pick Julia Stiles to play me. I’ve been told by several people that I look like her! She’s also a strong actor who has played many different roles

Q: Given the chance to switch roles with anyone at all, who would it be and why?
A: If I could switch places with anyone at all, it would have to be Jackie Kennedy. I’ve always thought the Kennedy family, along with the ‘Conspiracy Theory’ stuff, was all very intriguing. I wonder how much Jackie really knew ...

Q: You’re the host of a formal dinner party. What four people would you invite and why would you want them there?
A: At my dinner party, my guest list would include Babe Ruth, Martin Luther King, Jr., Albert Einstein and Lady Gaga. The first three guests offer glimpses into the past with sports, America’s strife and the progression of knowledge. And Lady Gaga seems totally weird, but at least she justifies her weirdness with a reason. Plus, she wears cool hats I’m curious to see what she’d wear to my dinner party.


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