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Jerry Garner






Jerry L. Garner, J.D., MSc (astronomy)
Title IX Coordinator

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice/Criminology

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A Message from Jerry Garner


Hello everyone...

Last week, I sent you an email introducing myself as your new Title IX Coordinator (gender discrimination/sexual assault, sexual harassment issues, etc.). I hope you visited and discovered just how broad Title IX related laws and regulations truly are.  

In this email, I'm seeking your immediate help: We need to start at least one "KWC Title IX Focus Group" in the very near future!

Our focus group(s) will hopefully be inclusive - consisting of the following: students (including commuters), student organization leaders, RDs/RAs, athletes/coaches, administrative/staff employees, faculty, school nurse, campus ministry, campus security, and any other interested individual(s).

We will meet frequently each school year to discuss and analyze perceived Title IX issues - and possible solutions - proposed training/information sessions (regarding our complaint/remedy process, etc.), campus "climate" survey results, as well as suggested improvements to existing policies and procedures (Please note that policy changes are definitely forthcoming!).

I will oversee the meetings and formally process suggested changes and enhancements, as deemed appropriate.

Thus, my two specific requests:

1. Please seriously consider being a part of something special on KWC's campus - make a difference! Please contact me directly to participate and help spread the word, via text or otherwise. Let's try to have our first meeting in October! (Students: This activity will look very good on a résumé and in a reference letter!)

2. Also: If your group, residence hall or organization would like a formal presentation regarding Title IX - and KWC's existing policies/remedies - please let me know immediately!

Thank you...Jerry

P.S.: Don't forget these three important things:

Becca McQueen and Kelly Clay are my Title IX teammates ("deputies") - please contact them directly, as needed.

Our Title IX web site can be viewed here: (changes/additions are forthcoming - suggestions are always welcome)

Last, but not least: Please don't be afraid to contact us - Let us help you!




Becca McQueen Title IX





Becca McQueen

Title IX Deputy

Director Sophomore Year Experience
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ADM 206




Kelly Clay




Kelly Clay

Title IX Deputy

Assistant Cross Country/Track & Field Coach

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