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KWC's Criminal Justice Association Recruits Students to be 'Victims' of Airport Emergency


(Click on either photo above to access KWC's flickr account to see students in action.)

KWC students reported for makeup and rubber injuries as 'victims' for a multi-county emergency response exercise at Owensboro/Daviess County Regional Airport. The 'emergency' involved an airliner breaking into several large pieces upon a 'rough' landing.

Each volunteer was given a badge that indicated injuries and other parts the 'victims' were supposed to play. 'Injuries' ranged from minor burns to severed limbs and unconsciousness to panic.

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Criminal Justice Association Sponsors Movie Series

Movies selected will focus on Criminal and Social Justice issues.

The time, date, and movie will be announced in a few days so be aware. Here is an example of some titles we will showing and discussing.

First on line will be:


In 1750 Spain and Portugal sign the Treaty of Madrid, which redefines their territorial borders in the Americas. The end result of the treaty is that Spain (which has forsaken slavery) delivers the Indian land to Portugal (where slavery remains legal). To avoid the Jesuit order being expelled from Portugal, all Jesuit missions in South America are ordered closed by the Pope, which means the Indians living there will be abandoned to the slave traders. The Guarani Indians are determined to stay and fight for the mission they've come to love, and this deeply troubles Mendoza. Despite his Jesuit vow of practicing nonviolence, he knows that with his past fighting skills as a mercenary he's the only one who can teach the Guaranis to defend themselves. Gabriel also stays, but for a different reason. The end result of the inevitable battle is predictable but nevertheless is devastating to watch.

"The Mission" is without a doubt one of the most breathtaking masterpieces I've ever seen. It is simply stunning, both in a visual and spiritual way that few films can achieve. Robert De Niro, although boldly cast against type, gave one of his finest performances and certainly deserved an Oscar. Jeremy Irons was also outstanding, and the supporting cast (including Aidan Quinn and Liam Neeson) was wonderful. The scenery was incredible, as was the cinematography.

Other movies to follow:

...And Justice For All

The Day of the Jackal


Cool Hand Luke

12 Angry Men

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Gideon's Trumpet



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