Awards of the Alumni Association

The Outstanding Alumni Award
This award is deemed the Association's highest award under the Hall of Fame and may be presented annually to an alumnus/a in recognition of superior continuing support to the College, church and/or community. This award can only be presented to an alumnus/a, and only one such award may be presented each year.


The Alumni Hall of Fame Award
This award is intended to recognize alumni successes by honoring those who have gained fame or distinction in their career, become uniquely successful, and/or made significant impact upon others to be deserving of such acclaim.  Inclusion in this Alumni Hall of Fame will perpetuate the memory of those who have brought honor, distinction and excellence to themselves and/or to the name and reputation of Kentucky Wesleyan College.


The Alumni Achievement Award
This award honors those alumni who have achieved a level of eminence within their profession that exceeds the ordinary and is for a sufficient period of time to demonstrate sustained effort. Such prominence shall include contributions that improve the quality of life of others, promote the arts, advance the sciences and be recognized by peers for achievement at the state, national or international level. A recipient must be a graduate or alumnus/a of the College whose class graduated five or more years earlier to be eligible for this award.


Alumni Service Award
This award is intended to recognize years of dedicated work and service to the College. This award may be presented annually and recipients need not be present to receive it. The award can be made to more than one person during any given year.


The Gus E. Paris Distinguished Service Award
The award honors college faculty, staff, or any non-alum for outstanding contributions to the College. The recipient need not be an alumnus nor be present to receive this award.


The Honorary Alumni Award
This award recognizes non-alumni who have given considerably of their time and talents to the College. The recipient must be a non-alum and need not be present to receive the award.


The Alumni Assocation Emeritus Director Award
This award is intended to recognize Alumni Board of Directors who have served as directors numerous times and have made significant contributions to alumni relations. It is limited to one individual each nomination year and does not have to be awarded annually. The award will be given at the Spring/Summer Board of Directors meeting.


Outstanding Young Graduate Award
This award is to be presented to a graduate from Kentucky Wesleyan College within the past fifteen years. Since attending Kentucky Wesleyan, this individual has distinguished him/herself through professional or personal achievement, has possessed outstanding leadership in his/her profession and community, whose contribution reflects well on Kentucky Wesleyan, and whose life is an inspiration to others in the Kentucky Wesleyan community. Nominee must demonstrate continued interest and/or contact with Kentucky Wesleyan.




Each of the above awards will be elected by the Board of Directors. Nominations will be accepted from the membership and screened by the Executive Committee of the Alumni Association who will form a slate, which will be discussed and voted on by the Board of Directors.


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