Academic Program

The Academic Program at Kentucky Wesleyan College

A liberal arts education prepares students to think critically, solve problems effectively and adapt to the challenges of life.

At KWC, our students take core classes that expose them to new subjects, new ideas, and new ways of thinking.

Our professors challenge students to explore the world around them while mastering marketable skills.

A college degree will open the door to an exciting career - a liberal arts education will provide the background for success and advancement.

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Three academic divisions house Kentucky Wesleyan's academic departments:

The Natural Sciences,
The Humanities and Fine Arts, and
The Social Sciences

The Division of Natural Sciences explores the physical and biological world, teaches the research and investigative skills needed to understand it and develops skills in quantitative reasoning. Departments in these divisions offer majors and programs of concentration in the following fields:

Computer Science

The Division of Humanities and Fine Arts comprises fields of inquiry concerned with an exploration of ideas and language, as in religion, literature and philosophy, and of artistic expression, as found in music, drama and the visual arts. Disciplinary areas include:

Communications and Fine Arts
Communication Arts
Fine Arts
Modern Languages

The Division of Social Sciences encompasses disciplines broadly concerned with individual and collective social behavior in different human cultures, at different times and for different purposes. Disciplinary areas are:

Behavioral Sciences (criminal justice, psychology, sociology, human services administration)
Political Science
Physical Education,
Sports Management




The requirements for the degrees of bachelor of arts and bachelor of science affirm our commitment to the liberal arts.

All students should experience a broad distribution of studies among the representative fields of human culture; acquire intellectual skills in critical, logical and creative thinking, and learn to communicate effectively.

The Wesleyan curriculum enables students to take courses in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, which constitute our General Education Program.

The distribution of General Education courses also gives students a general view of our intellectual heritage and develops wholesome interests and appreciations.

In addition to the General Education Program, Kentucky Wesleyan students also are required to pursue a concentration of studies within a special field to constitute a major.

The object of concentration is to aid the student in acquiring comprehensive knowledge in a particular field of scholarly achievement at a high level of competence.

In summary, Kentucky Wesleyan's curriculum offers students an opportunity to achieve concurrently

(1) a liberal education that allows men and women to realize their personal potentials for intelligent living and

(2) specialized knowledge in a particular discipline.

Part of each student's education is to design his or her own program in consultation with his or her advisor.

Students are responsible for organizing their studies to achieve the two-fold aim of excellence and completeness.


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