Signature Learning Experiences

Lab Experience

The KWC Department of Biology maintains modern, well-equipped laboratories where students can supplement their lecture experience with hands-on learning in anatomy, genetics, immunology, microbiology and more.

We also encourage our majors to carry out research projects, which ideally provide the basis for their senior seminar.


biology lab experiment
KWC students learning pig heart anatomy during a workshop presented by Dr. Robert M. Savage (Cleveland Clinic Heart Center)


Gabrielle examines a petri dish


Field Experience

We also value experiential learning in the field - courses such as ecology, field botany, ichthyology and marine biology have significant field components.

In local field experience, for example, ichthyology students learn seining techniques for fish studies. Farther afield, our marine biology class heads to Belize over Spring Break for firsthand looks at the marine life there. (see photos below)

Students sometimes have the opportunity to spend a summer at a larger research institution (UK, U of L, UGA, etc.). They sometimes work on projects at Owensboro facilities or work with KWC faculty in completing a project.


KWC Students in Belize - Winter Term 2010
(Click on photo to see more photos of the Belize trip)


Field Botany
Field Botany Class at Yellow Creek Park - Spring 2010
Daviess County, Kentucky
(Click on the photo to see more Field Botany photos.)


KWC Ichthyology Class
Daviess County, Kentucky


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