Parnassus Society (English, Literature)

As Groucho Marx said, "I refuse to belong to any group that would have me as a member," we as writers are notorious hermits. We assemble dark thoughts in dark corners. We spoil pages with prose. We devote ourselves to writing the constitution of the inner country, and we work best alone. Writing on demand and in the company of others does not appeal to our sensibilities.

That said, the support and critique of a community of writers remains paramount. There is nothing like fresh eyes to take your work to another level. The trouble I've had leading Parnassus, the KWC creative writing group, is participation. Finding a time that works for everyone is a Sissyphus task, and I'm not sure any perfect solution exists. This means, at the end of it all, that Parnassus needs to get creative.

We will figure how to appeal to all Wesleyan creative writers. We will see if we can create the thriving community of writers to rival the Algonquin.

All best,
Professor Connelly


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