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Welcome to Kentucky Wesleyan College's Study Abroad Program!

As students prepare for success in today's globalized world and competitive job markets, study abroad programs:


~Develop students' cultural competency
~Improve language skills
~Offer valuable beyond-the-campus experiences
~Expand the students' worldview


Whether you want to take a faculty-led study abroad course or spend a semester abroad, we've got options that will suit you!


Want more info? Contact Professor Tamara Coy, Study Abroad Coordinator.

Visit the Study Abroad Office: FOB #24, Tuesday & Thursday 9:20 AM to 2:20 PM




Faculty-Led Study Abroad Courses

Ancient Tales and Travel: Greek and Roman Literature ~ ENGL3370

Description: Transport yourself back 3000 years to classical Greece and Rome! Learn more about mythology from 1000 B.C.-400 A.D. as you:


~Explore Athens' ancient Acropolis
~View the Theatre of Dionysus where Sophocles would have staged Oedipus Rex
~Travel to Rome, the entire city a museum where ancient meets modern
~View the Coliseum
~Discover the Pantheon
~Visit the Vatican and see Michaelangelo's beautiful Sistine Chapel


Cost: $3300 + tuition & food

Contact: Email Tamara Coy or call 270-852-3297.


Share the adventure of the previous Rome & Athens trips. 


International Studies: Trip to Costa Rica ~ INS3309*

Description: Leave the cold weather behind and travel to the exotic shores of Costa Rica! Study in a land of culture and biodiversity as you:


~Visit national conservation parks

~Explore volcanoes, rainforests, and waterfalls

~Enjoy beautiful beaches on both, the Pacific and Caribbean Coasts

~Interact with the vibrant culture of San José

~Practice and expand Spanish skills


Cost: $2000 + airfare & tuition

Contact: Email Dr. Arcea Zapata de Aston or call270-852-3219 or 812-483-2439.


Study of Life Abroad ~ BIO1301*

Description: "Study of Life Abroad" is an engaging opportunity for students to receive 3 credit hours of General Education Science credit, while experiencing the rich culture and biodiversity of Costa Rica. Basic biological concepts and principles are discussed in the classroom as well as on location in Costa Rica, which has 5% of the world's biodiversity.

Cost: $2000 + airfare & tuition

Contact: Email Scot Payne or 270-852-3185.


Share the adventure of previous Costa Rica trips.


*Both of these courses travel together on the same Costa Rica trip.


Leadership Through Sailing: U.S. & British Virgin Islands ~ LS3300

Dates: January 2015

Description: Teaching leadership skill aboard a sailing yacht, students are challenged to take the next step in personal growth, to travel to places they never thought they would go, to dream dreams they never imagined, and to discover who they are and where life is taking them.

Cost: $2200 + airfare & tuition

Contact: Email Dr. Ken Ayersor call 270-852-3169


Share the adventure of previous Virgin Islands trips.





Study Abroad Programs

Study-abroad can be a life-changing experience! Kentucky Wesleyan students have traveled and studied in: the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Greece, Italy, Israel, France, Mexico, Cuba, and England.

Programs are located all over the world. The Kentucky Institute for International Studies offers particularly good options for KWC students. The fee for many of their programs is low enough to be completely covered by your financial aid!


These programs are designed to develop students' cultural competency and improve their language skills as they prepare for today’s increasingly globalized and competitive society. In addition, students return home having formed lifelong friendships and gained crucial independence and self-confidence.



Study abroad can be affordable! Your state and federal financial aid can follow you overseas. This will cover the fee for many programs! 


Additional financial aid is available through loans, grants and scholarships. Kentucky Wesleyan College also has a special grant program - the Mazzier-Heuser International Studies Fund - that can lower student costs for studying abroad.

KWC is committed to helping students study abroad, whether for a single semester, or a summer/winter course. Programs exist that are suited to every discipline offered on campus and for students at various points in their academic career.

For more information, contact Tamara Coy, Study Abroad Coordinator, at or 270-852-3297 with any questions.


Find yourself Studying Abroad at KWC!


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