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Pre-Physical Therapy at KWC

About the Program
Kentucky Wesleyan College offers pre-professional preparation for students seeking admission to a physical therapy program. Upon completion of a specified curriculum, you will be prepared to apply to a Master of Science (M.S.) or Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) program.

KWC's pre-physical therapy curriculum includes a minimum of two semesters each of chemistry, behavioral sciences, mathematics and physics, in addition to biology courses required to complete a major in biology. Physical education courses such as Kinesiology are highly recommended. The remainder of the curriculum includes coursework necessary to fulfill KWC or physical therapy degree requirements.




Degree Options
At KWC, you have two options to gain acceptance into physical therapy programs:

The first option is to complete three years (minimum 90 hours) of study at KWC, fulfilling all requirements for admission to a physical therapy program. After successfully completing 12 months in an accredited physical therapy program, you will be awarded a B.S. degree from KWC in the area in which you have sufficient credits.

The second option is to complete a B.S. or B.A. degree (typically in biology) at KWC, and then apply to a physical therapy program.




Physical Therapy School Preparation
Most physical therapy programs have a common core of undergraduate courses required for admission. After KWC pre-physical therapy students select two or three programs of interest, a faculty advisor will provide guidance in determining appropriate curriculum, deciding when to apply to a physical therapy program and furnishing letters of recommendation.

Accepted physical therapy students typically have a minimum college GPA of 3.2. Other admission criteria include personal interviews and extensive volunteer and/or work experience in the health field. KWC partners with Owensboro Medical Health System to provide volunteer and shadowing hours for our pre-health professions majors.




Most biology majors at Kentucky Wesleyan receive academic scholarships. Many also serve as assistants in science laboratories, classrooms and offices. Assistantships provide valuable learning experiences for students. We encourage all pre-physical therapy students to participate in this program.

Summer Research
The faculty encourages students to take part in health science summer research programs in university and governmental laboratories. KWC students have recently participated in programs at the Universities of Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Tennessee and New Mexico, as well as Vanderbilt University, Oak Ridge National Laboratories and the OMHS Cancer Research Center.




Suggested Curriculum

Suggested Four-Year Plan for Pre-Physical Therapy Students




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