Dr. R. Scot Payne, Assistant Professor of Biology

Scot Payne

Dr. Scot Payne, Assistant Professor of Biology
(270) 852-3185
Yu Hak Hahn #101



B.S., Biology, Brescia College
M.S., Comparative Physiology, University of Kentucky
Ph.D., Pharmacology/Toxicology, University of Louisville


Research Interests

Learning & Memory
Neurobiology of Music


Recent Presentations

R.S. Payne and A. Schurr: The stress hormone corticosterone inhibits glucose-, but not lactate-supported hippocampal LTP. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 25: S67-S67, (2005).

Rif El-Mallakh, Joshua Lord, Ralphiel S. Payne, Avital Schurr, Pradeep Banerjee: Memantine inhibits ouabain-evoked “cycling” in rat hippocampal slices. Society for Biological Psychiatry April (2007).

R. Scot Payne, PhD, Heather Tluczek,MD, Avital Schurr, PhD, Ozan Akça, MD. Predictors Of Survival After Cardiac Arrest Under General Anesthesia. ASA October (2007).

Hisham Taher; Yiru Guo; Ralphiel S Payne; Greg Hunt; Robert J Vincent; Santosh K SanganalMath; Nathan J Reed; Ewa K Zuba-Surma; Smita Ranjan; Sumit Tiwari; Arash Rezazadeh; Rif S El-Mallakh; Roberto Bolli; Buddhadeb Dawn. Pharmacologic Late Preconditioning with Opioid 1-agonist Confers Cardio- and Neuroprotective Benefits During Cardiac Arrest. Circulation, 116:11-21, 2007.

R.S. Payne, Y. Gao, Z. Lei, N. Adham, A. Schurr, R. El-Mallakh. Cariprazine delays oubain-evoked epileptiform spikes and loss of activity in rat hippocampal slices. Soc. Neurosci. 2013.


Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications

Payne, R.S.,Tseng, M.T., Schurr, A., The glucose paradox of cerebral ischemia: evidence for corticosterone involvement. Brain Res. 2003 May 2;971(1):9-17

Kehl, F., Payne, R.S., Roewer, N., Schurr, A. Sevoflurane-induced preconditioning of rat brain in vitro and role of KATP channels. Brain Res. 2004 Sept 17;1021(1):76-81.

Payne, R.S.
, Goldbart, A., Gozal, D., and Schurr, A. Effect of intermittent hypoxia on long-term potentiation in rat hippocampal slices. Brain Res. 1029(2), 195-199, 2004.

Payne, R.S., Akca, O., Roewer, N., Schurr, A., and Kehl, F. Sevoflurane-induced preconditioning protects against cerebral ischemic neuronal damage in rats. Brain Res. 1034, 147-152, 2005.

Schurr, A. and Payne, R.S. Lactate, not pyruvate, is neuronal aerobic glycolysis end product: an in vitro electrophysiological study. Neuroscience Jul 13;147(3):613-9. 2007.

Payne, R.S. and Schurr, A. Corticosterone disrupts glucose-, but not lactate-supported hippocampal PS-LTP. Neurosci. Lett. Sep 7;424(2):111-5, 2007.


Gao, Y., Payne, R.S., Schurr, A., Hougland, T., Lord, J., Herman, L., Lei, Z., Banerjee, P., El-Mallakh, R.S.  Memantine reduces mania-like symptoms in animal models. Psychiatry Res. 2011 Aug 15;188(3):366-71.


Book Chapters

Schurr, A., Payne, R. S., and Rigor, B. M. Diltiazem and MK-801 but not APV act synergistically to protect rat hippocampal slices against hypoxic damage. In: Neurodegenerative diseases ’95: Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Advances. G. Fiskum, Ed. Plenum Press, New York, (1995).

Schurr, A., Payne, R. S., Levy, R. S., and Rigor, B. M. Understanding cerebral energy metabolism: A key to successful neuroprotection, In: Baillier’s Clinical Anesthesiology: Neuroprotection. J. A. Stamford and L. Strunin, Eds. Baillier Tindal, London, pp. 409-425, (1996).

Schurr, A., Payne, R. S., Miller, J. J., and Rigor, B. M. Direct evidence that lactate is an obligatory aerobic energy substrate for functional recovery posthypoxia in vitro. In: Progress in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases. A. Fisher, M. Yoshida, and I. Hanin, Eds, Plenum, New York (1999).


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