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Political Science at KWC

Kentucky Wesleyan's political science program educates you to think critically, solve problems, read critically, use practical approaches and communicate effectively - both orally and with the written word.

To effectively accomplish these goals, we use papers, presentations, debates, discussions, lectures, problem-solving activities and internships. Classes, especially upper-level, emphasize student participation. Question and answer, defense of opinions, and impromptu debate with other students are typical classroom experiences.

KWC's major in political science is designed to give you a basic foundation for the understanding of politics. The major sub-fields of instruction are political theory, American government, comparative government and international relations.

What can I do with a Political Science degree?
There are basically three career tracks for political science students. The first is a career at institutions where you may serve as an intern while at KWC (such as the Green River Area Development District).

The second track is law school. Our students attend law schools understanding how the justice system really works.


The third track is graduate school in Political Science or Public Administration.

Internship Opportunities
The political science department offers several off-campus internship opportunities. When the Kentucky Legislature is in session, junior or senior students can qualify for a legislative internship at Frankfort and receive up to 15 hours of political science credit.

At the national level, Kentucky Wesleyan College is affiliated with American University’s Washington Semester program, which entitles our students to 12-16 semester hours of credit.





Kentucky Wesleyan offers a political science major leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree, as well as a minor in political science and a pre-law minor.


Additional information, degree requirements, suggested four-year plan, and course descriptions are located in the KWC Bulletin (Catalog). Please click here and then access the degree or program via the bookmarks on the left of the page.





- See the History and Political Science faculty page for contact info and personal pages


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